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Discord Prayer

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Discord Prayer

Post by Cloud on Wed May 16, 2018 11:51 am

Discord Prayer

On this day I feel discord with you. I release this discord. I release all negative energy concerning it. I sever all energy cords I have sent to you and all energy cords you have sent to me, completely, above, below and around. I withdraw all energy I have inflated in any situation, conversation, past life or current life occurrence with you.

I forgive you for everything. I forgive myself, for everything. As the God that I am, I turn all negative energy I have sent to you into love. As the God that I am, I turn all negative energy you have directed towards me into love. I accept only love from you and offer only love to you.

I send you blessings for all the lessons you represent and wholeheartedly accept them. I release you from any further obligation I have created that could bring negativity into my life, or yours. I allow myself to see the role we have both played in this learning and thank you for helping me see that I am a whole being of loving light, and that I choose to learn in a loving and caring way.

Thank you and Amen • Aho • Namastè • Blessings
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