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Incense and Oils. Which are your favourite?

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Incense and Oils. Which are your favourite?

Post by Cloud on Mon May 14, 2018 9:58 pm

Hi all

for those of you who use essential oils & incense cones or sticks, which ones do you like?
There are so many to choose from and I notice some smell great... until you get home and burn them and yuck

There are some called Nag Champa and they are great, I recommend those.
There's also another by Stamford called Fairy Mist, those smell quite nice. Think those are available worldwide.

White sage is good too if you can't use smudge sticks- they also smell good

What ones do you like?

Lemon essential oil to uplift low mood
Lavender to relax... any others you like?
Devils claw for the spine

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