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When you want to hear from someone specific (Medium Readings)

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When you want to hear from someone specific (Medium Readings)

Post by Cloud on Tue May 01, 2018 11:09 pm

A few tips to help you before going for a reading - particularly with a Medium

It can be disappointing when we don't hear from who we would like to. I completely understand and it's also frustrating for readers at times to know that the sitter (person they are reading for) is wanting to hear from someone in particular, yet they don't visit.

Few reasons for that but those aside, I wanted to just share this-

Before you go - the night before (if possible) relax yourself and put some time aside to sit and meditate. Focus on your loved one, talk to them in your mind if you feel comfortable doing so. Talk to them as you would if they were beside you. Here's an example

(Loved ones Name)... I really miss and love you and I am going to see a medium tomorrow. I would love for you to stop by and talk to me, I feel ready and able to hear from you. If you can, I would welcome you...(anything else you would like to say to them)''

It has helped many I know and I've tried it myself. I rarely ask for readings but the times I have been approached, it's been shortly after me asking loved ones to come along/ give me a sign.

That aside, bring an item of theirs with you to the reading. You don't have to show the reader that you have brought something - you don't have to say a thing. Sometimes having a belonging of theirs with you can help the reader  to pick up on their energies. This wont directly call them/bring them. But it can definitely help.

If your reader is not a medium but is clairvoyant/ does general readings, they may be able to read impressions from the item (will post more below later) - it's worth asking. Some psychics are able to read others whilst holding their physical belongings (as with missing people) and so on.

Light a candle, talk to your passed loved one. Think of them often and relax and keep open to the idea of them coming.

I will say though, whilst this can help, it's good to go in with no expectations.. that way we can't be let down.... if they don't come, know they will someday. For as long as you keep your door of communication open, they'll find a time, a way, to communicate with you.


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