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Free Reiki Classes & Attunements. Begins May 1st 5nvklj

Free Reiki Classes & Attunements. Begins May 1st 9tpt39

Free Reiki Classes & Attunements. Begins May 1st

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Free Reiki Classes & Attunements. Begins May 1st Empty Free Reiki Classes & Attunements. Begins May 1st

Post by Cloud on Fri Mar 30, 2018 7:19 pm

Hi all

Starting May 1st I'll be offering 20 (max) spaces for free online Reiki healing classes and Attunemnts

These are no different to in person classes and attunements., the attunements will work via distance, manuals will be sent to your email to download and set dates will be available for attunement to Level 1 Kundalini Reiki, Level 2, and Level 3 (Master/Teacher) Level. This will mean upon completion of level three you will be able to teach Reiki and Attune others to this healing system

Why for free?
1) I'm feeling generous
2) I believe it's fair to charge for teaching of healing systems and attunements but I would rather do this free of charge...I know money is tight for many these days and so I wanted to give an opportunity for others to learn without having to save for it. If you would like to give something back I think donating to charity is great. (Mental health charities, or Women's aid,)

Will certificates be provided?
Yes, certificates will be emailed to you in PDF format , signed and dated by me. You will be able to print these off (i'll upload an example soon)

Is Lineage Provided?

Yes, all lineage will be shown
(Ole Gabrielson, Alice Longholt, Caryl Haxworth, etc.

How long have you been teaching reiki
... 8 years

How do distant attunements work
The same way that distance healing works, I give you a time and whilst I am attuning you, you call in the attunement Smile
I will notify you just before we start, or you can meet me online in chat before we begin

How will it work?
We'll all go through level 1, 2, 3 as a group, with group discussion in chat
All classes will be done as a group with 1-1 support if needed. From there attunements will be sent 1-1 at a time that's good for us both

once everyone has completed level 1, we'll move on to level 2 and 3

then certificates given

If you are interested please let me know as soon as possible so I can put your name down and have a rough idea of how many will be coming

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