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Evening Time Zones for our Psychic Chat

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Evening Time Zones for our Psychic Chat

Post by Cloud on Wed Mar 28, 2018 2:54 am

Hi All

We have recently added a link on the main navigation bar so you can all find the chat rooms easily. We
Hope this helps. I have added below the best times to find us in chat
This is when most members are logged in. It makes it easier for all our time zones , with us being in the UK/USA/Ireland/Spain

Chat is open 24/7 ~
The best times to log in are below

We recommend coming in around :

19:00 HRS
if your time zone is
Eastern Time (ET)

5pm if your time zone is
Pacific Time

and 10pm onwards if you are

18:00hrs if you are
MT / Mountain Time

7pm if your time zone is

Take care & have a great week

Psychic Reader
Psychic Reader

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