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Post by Cloud on Wed Mar 28, 2018 1:44 am

Here is the short version of a story i posted elsewhere years ago.

There is more to it but here's what happened.

I was walking out late at night a few years ago. I had had an argument with someone so I sped up to get away from them. I was angry, walking fast down this long stretch road. It was very late so not many cars were around, no pedestrians either. Most people were sleeping. I kept on walking and came through a tunnel when I had a sense of someone following me, very closely. I kept turning around to see if anyone was there. Know that feeling when someone is behind you? ~ I felt that, nobody was there. The person I was getting away from was well behind me now. I was alone, not far from home. So I sped up again, kept speed walking to get home and thought of making a coffee and you name it when I got home. it was freezing out and I just couldn't wait.

I suddenly heard a very loud voice, from what I remember it was not male or female. Hard to tell. But it was very loud and sounded as though it had come from over my shoulder. Not a thought at all, a voice.. I was stunned and I stood still trying to figure out what or who it was. It said to me clearly
''Stop, now!''

I was so puzzled and afraid at this point.. I knew there was nobody.. but I heard the voice, yet it was making no sense. I carried on, feeling slightly unsafe at this point, walked faster. I had never heard a voice this way, never heard one that had not made any sense either.

A couple minutes later... STOP, NOW it said. I slowed down a little, it said ''You need to stop right where you are, don't go any further.''
I eventually did. I stopped and stood right where I was... when my vision was drawn to the road just up above me. I saw a car's headlights, coming at me, the car must've been going 70mph... before I knew it, it was right infront of me. The driver braked, the car spun twice in the road before eventually crashing into the wall, right where I would have been, and around 2 meters from where I was standing. I was so in shock I didn't do a thing, I froze in fear  looking at this car infront of me, crashed into the brick wall on someone's back garden.

Someone ran over to see if we were all ok.. a man came out of his home to see if the people in the car were ok and that I was.

I was fine, just stood there trying to register that had I not heard this voice, I would have been pinned between the car and wall. The driver had been drink driving and had also taken a mix of illicit drugs. They were in no fit state to walk, let alone drive. The police came, long story short this person was actually a neighbour, she had lost control of the car (I presume due to her being drunk and high) but the police couldn't prove she was the driver or drunk at the time of her driving. It didn't make any sense but from that day I always believed in Angels

Afterwards, I went home and I sat there thanking whoever it was, the voice. And I have believed in them ever since. Someone saw it coming and they warned me... had they not i'd have been a gonner that night.

Always listen and trust, even if it seems bizarre

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