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Help with dream meaning Empty Help with dream meaning

Post by Highinuitpriestess on Sat Jun 29, 2019 6:31 pm

Hi everyone hope life is treating everyone kind
I'm really enjoying this site soooo many different topics to explore
I have a reaccuring dream about a work colleague I used to work with I thought very highly of him even though the friendship was platonic and he was much older than me we got on extremely well
Unfortunately he passed away due to ill health but I always dream of him and I can feel him present in my dreams
Any help with what this could mean would be appreciated
Blessings x

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Help with dream meaning Empty Re: Help with dream meaning

Post by Cloud on Sun Jul 21, 2019 6:15 am

Hi there loving

welcome to mystic-sisterhood, i'm really glad you like the topics we've got up right now, that makes me happy

I feel as though he is showing up in your dreams because he is trying to comfort you , letting you know that he is around you. Sometimes spirit will come through in dreams because it can be easier for them to communicate with us.

Does he ever talk to you in them, and can you remember anything he says?

does he show to you as being happy/peaceful, smiling etc?

I also feel as though he may be coming to visit you in dreams to convey a message of you being able to relax about something, and it may be money-related. It's something you both used to talk about often is the impression i'm getting. Only you would know what that thing may be, but smething you shared with each other, that is causing you some concern in your life at present (or in recent months) he wants you to know it's going to turn out ok , it'll work out. I feel like he comes through with gratitude for you, and also with the message of peace and of holding no grudges. I feel as though you never really got to say goodbye, but that was his wish. He didn't want anybody to see him as he was transitioning

Hope this helps you, let me know if you wanted to share more details and get more feedback loving



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