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Your Intuition Will Never Fail You

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Your Intuition Will Never Fail You

Post by Cloud on Fri Feb 09, 2018 1:44 pm

Have been feeling quite reflective recently and I just felt like sharing this, straight and to the point so I don't end up rambling but..... Your Intuition will never fail you

Trust it & Listen to yourself, even if it seems absurd. That's not to say let anxiety overtake you and leave you a nervous wreck but if you have a feeling you should do / check something or someone, or intuitive feeling something is not right, 9 out of 10 times you're probably right

Intuition ... I believe it can manifest in many ways. I know loads of us can feel it as a gut-feeling, as an autopilot auto reaction... but I also believe that it can come through in form of thoughts. For me I know that if I have persistent thoughts that come out of the blue... it's intuition
I also believe that intuition can manifest as emotions (as with Empaths) and in dreams. We just need to figure out how that is for us and begin to trust in ourselves

So in reflecting I notice that whenever I ignored my Intuition I always had an excuse. My excuse was that I worried too much and I should probably relax. But it did turn out I was right, but just feeling my intuition come through my emotions.
I feel for empaths it can be confusing as we do feel it as emotion ....

My belief is that it's not always a gut feeling... sometimes it overtakes your emotions.. sometimes it's dreams, sometimes it's thoughts that come out of the blue, or an overall 'knowing'. Trust yourself, you know what you are feeling and seeing. It will never fail you. Trust the voice within.


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Re: Your Intuition Will Never Fail You

Post by Crystal7 on Fri Feb 09, 2018 8:28 pm

Great post that helps explain what Intuition is and how to spot it. I get asked how i know and you put it so easy into words.

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Re: Your Intuition Will Never Fail You

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