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Post by Cloud on Thu Apr 25, 2019 7:33 am

Here's a mini vent, I don't often do this and it's not aimed at anybody here, however since this forum is on the WWW I hope it might help reach a few people who do need to read it in future. Other than that i'd love to hear your thoughts so feel free to comment

I wanted to talk about racism
I know we've all heard it over and over again...... skin colour does't matter... where you're from doesn't matter, what language you speak, who your ancestors were. bla bla bla. Throughout my life I've had friends who come from so many different backgrounds, I've had indian friends, Hindi, African, Asian, Native American, Swedish, German, Turkish , (you see where this is going) and I've noticed something over the years... all of my friends have all had to put up with some form of hate crime or racial abuse when they were doing nothing to hurt anybody else. It happened recently with a friend who's visiting me in the U.K, it was completely unprovoked and I had to sit up with my friend who was in tears. This was the third racial attack against my friend in three weeks and it broke my heart. They asked me ''Cloud, why are people like this?'' and aside from telling them that people disgust me and I can't say, I was really lost for how I could answer that. Some People are jerks, that's why. But it really got me thinking... what is it that really makes one human of one colour immediately hate another innocent human of another colour.. and I find it pathetic that people can stoop so low to go around hating and calling names, and mocking, pulling faces, singing racist songs, or even physically hurting others of another colour or who are from another country

What are these people teaching their children? .. they are teaching them to hate... hate where it's not warranted... where it's unnecessary and damn right cruel . I always wonder how these parents would feel if they saw their five year olds telling another child in nursery they can't be friends because they are not of the same background or race. It would be horrifying but you see, it's not even children. these are fully grown adults. Men and women, some who have kids with them whilst they are going around being racist in public and attacking people.

it's so sad. It needs to stop.

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