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Post by Renaud on Sun Feb 03, 2019 4:49 pm

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Witches in Romania Empty Re: Witches in Romania

Post by Cloud on Tue Feb 05, 2019 10:12 pm

It may surprise you to learn that there are actually several places around the world where witchcraft is still practiced today. Witches were heavily persecuted in Europe and America in the 1500s and the 1600s, but in modern-day Romania, which is in Eastern Europe, it seems as if they're there to stay. In that area, witches are actually thriving, and some make such good money at what they do that their government started taxing them as legal workers.

Romania, the land of Dracula and Transylvania, is actually the perfect place for witchcraft to thrive, if you think about it. They have a very active witch culture, and their trade has been passed down from generation to generation. Locally referred to as "witches," they're sometimes more akin to fortune tellers. Whatever you decide to call them, they make use of all the witchy tools you're probably thinking of, from spells and potions to crystal balls and incantations (no broomsticks, though!).

The women who work as witches in Romania are surprisingly similar to the ones you grew up hearing about in fairy tales. At least in terms of their "services," the witches live up to their reputation. They may not all be old and ugly with warts on their long nose, and they definitely don't wear the pointy black hat and striped stockings that are characteristic of storybook witches. But aside from the physical aspect, the witches do pretty much everything you could imagine witches would do. They cast love spells, release people from evil spells, brew potions, predict the future, and make and break marriages, and they can even supposedly cure diseases and perform exorcisms! And finally, just like in some fables, there exists in their world white and black magic...

No one expects a fortune teller to be 100% correct on everything she says about the future. After all, things can change from the time you're having your future read until that future actually happens. And even witches have their off-days. However, it might be a little more than that, because, at least according to Slovakian photographer Lucia Sekerkova, who spent time getting to know the witches and documenting their lives, their predictions weren't very reliable. Besides the fact that they, themselves, are aware that their craft can, at times, be morally questionable (see number 10 on this list), Sekerkova put their abilities to the test. She was disappointed to learn that they weren't all they were cracked up to be. She explained, "Part of my project was to see just how different the women's predictions were. And they were quite different -- some positive, others negative. All were really short and way too general. For example, one of the witches told me I was going to get married and have three kids within a year. It's been more than a year since, and none of the things she said would happen have actually happened. The strangest part was when a witch came up to me, pulled my hair, and told me that someone close to me was going to die.

It makes sense that both white and black magic exist, as both good and evil exist. According to the witches, with black magic, you do evil. With white magic, you undo it. White magic is performed in the day, and black magic is performed at night. When practicing white magic, things like honey, flowers, and water are used because they're signs of life. Black magic uses things like dead animals and blood for its rituals. Some witches claim to be able to communicate with the dead using black magic and say they can cross over into the realm of the dead. Examples of white magic include curing illnesses, casting love spells, or anything with a selfless purpose behind it (other than the fact that they're being paid, of course). Black magic would involve cursing a person, causing a death, or any malevolent or selfishly motivated spell. A woman named "Maria Campina" is the undisputed leader of the witches and holds the title "White Magic Queen of Romania."


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