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Two men go missing for 7 hours in Roswell

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Two men go missing for 7 hours in Roswell

Post by Cloud on Sun Jan 20, 2019 2:45 pm

A driver and his passenger mysteriously vanished for several hours and had no memory of what happened.
The two men had been involved in a car accident in which their vehicle had rolled down an embankment, but when paramedics arrived on the scene to offer assistance they were perplexed to discover that the car was empty and that the men could not be found anywhere around the crash site.

The mystery only deepened when, seven hours later, the pair allegedly awoke in a field of donkeys with no idea of how they got there or where they'd been for the preceding time period.

The town of Roswell itself has long been associated with the unexplained ever since a mysterious object was believed to have crashed there in 1947, an event that has been at the center of conspiracy theories and speculation for the better part of 65 years.

It isn't clear exactly what happened to the two men in this latest incident, but based on a police report suggesting that the men had been drinking heavily before the crash, it seems that alcohol, rather than extraterrestrial visitors, may have been the primary culprit.


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