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You were born to be unique Empty You were born to be unique

Post by Cloud on Sun Dec 16, 2018 2:58 pm

You were born to be unique 1320498_1

We stress too much over fitting in. We stress if we don't  fit into the norm. There's a lot of pressure to look a certain way, have a certain income,
We are judged so much by society ... by where and how we live. What we look like. Where we went to school, even right down to how we eat.
Whether we are married or not. Whether we have too many or too few children. Whether we're religious or not

Really, in the long run... all that matters is your happiness.
Every year this same time I always reflect on what's been making me feel stressed out and #1 is people who are not happy to accept me and my life for who I am. Over time we learn what's right for us. Instead of asking or worrying about what others think, it's completely ok to instead ask yourself what's going to be good for me?

There's a saying
In the end all we'll regret is the chances we never took

I think every time we're faced with a  big life change we should remember it's good to think of your own needs and preferences, what will make you happy vs what other people might think about it .... it's your life and you've only got one. Drop the stress of what others think:  I know I am.

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