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Can anybody help me with where to start re: psychic development

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Can anybody help me with where to start re: psychic development

Post by QueenofHearts on Sun Dec 02, 2018 9:14 am

Hey everyone

I'm interested in developing my psychic gifts a little more. I believe i'm clairvoyant. I have had the ability to see other people 's Auras for around ten years now. I really was afraid of it all at first but now I see that i'm shown these thigns for a reason and I would like to utilize them and help others around me. I seem to have a deep connection to some strangers I meet. I get glimpses and flashes in to things they are facing in their lives & what they're going through. It really bugged me when it first started but like I said I believe we're given what we  can cope with and am starting to understand this is part of my purpose. I was attuned to level 1 reiki, it was kunadlini reiki and since the level one attunement  noticed that i'm seeing and feeling more. I may be Empath aswell.
I struggle with mixing in crowds  & I can't commit to a spiritualist church like I wish I could so i'm searching online for resources.
Can anybody tell me how you started off. Did you start with like, tarot cards or something. My friend gifted me a carnelian pendulum and I tried that a few times  but it's a little bit frustrating to use because I worry i'm influencing it.

I looked in my local library and found a few books and of course youtube but i'd like to talk to some people who are also going through the same and are new to it all , like I am. Somoene taught me how to ground myself and I do this three times a day. What else am I missing?
Is meditation really all that helpful? any books?

love and light to all

Queenofhearts cupid :wand: kisses kisses
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