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Empaths and Self care. Things you can do to help yourself

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Empaths and Self care. Things you can do to help yourself

Post by Cloud on 24/11/18, 10:14 pm

Hi all

Here's a self care list I wrote for empaths.

I've been talking with a few people lately who are Empath/sensitive to others and I know how you feel when you say you're feeling tired and drained ... So I thought i'd add a few bits of advice on here for psychic- self care pink heart

I hope it helps if you're in need of this.

Self care
Self care is so important especially if you are using your gifts to help others.
It's easily done to lose sleep and skip meals and rest because you're busy. Same goes for many of us who work long hours. But after a while lack of sleep can get you down and it can become a cycle. Always make sure you are well rested so you have enough energy for yourself. Empaths have a higher demand for energy so sleep is very important as is eating and drinking enough water. Back to basics but worth adding to this list Smile

Being an Empath and/or having the ability to connect to others' emotions is an amazing ability. It means you really are in tune with others. Most Empaths have huge hearts and work in professions that involve caring for others and always meeting other's needs. This is all so great and rewarding but remember you are always entitled to say 'No' too .. something we can find hard to do when we see someone needs our help. But always think of yourself and your needs first It's ok to have boundaries and it's ok to decline and have a day off (same applies for people in your life who are coming to you often needing advice or help constantly, it's ok to take a break and/or ask someone else to help

Grounding & Shielding
Grounding and shielding (spiritually protecting) is always important. Most say you should do this 2-3 times per day but it wont hurt to ground and protect as often as you feel you need to

There are many ways to ground (will add exercises soon) but being out doors in the Earth is always grounding as is drinking plenty of water and visualizing yourself shielded in a protective bubble... It varies in what works for each person but get to know what works for you to help you feel renewed and grounded. Always feel free to call upon your guides and the Angels to assist you in your spiritual work Smile

Become familiar with your surroundings and energies
Some Empaths will find that they can't tell the difference between their own and anothers' emotions and feelings. Become familiar with your surroundings and check in with how you are doing. Most are familiar with the feeling of walking into a room and feeling uneasy (for example) for no reason... This is what another persons projected energy can feel like. It's outward and will feel much different to your own once you get to distinguish the difference. It can help when you may pick up on others feeling down (or irritated) and you'll no longer mistake it as your own
Keeping grounded will help you achieve this, and shielding and (healthy) boundaries will support all of your work

Closing off when you need to

It can sometimes feel impossible to close off and I know lots of people ask often if they can turn it off or how they wish they could. It's a blessing to be able to feel this deeply it's so useful to help animals , babies, those who can't speak for any given reason and those who can't express. You have heightened senses and ability to pick up on the smallest things which others may overlook. It makes you a great friend /parent/relative as i'm sure lots of people can connect to you as they see trust in you. The downside is it can become a bit too much.. Closing off is possible and there are ways to do this Smile . Generally it can be a good idea to have a wind-down plan. Meditation to take your mind off of things throughout the day is always good. You don't have to meditate even simple relaxation, hot baths, a walk in the park or even watching tv/reading. Essential oils I highly recommend and the following ones *Lavender *Frankincense *Patchouli *Nag Champa (any you find relaxing and comforting)

'The Vampires'

Not quite vampires but the term is used for people who drain of energy... People who nag you and pester repeatedly for readings (or help) or ask you for so many things in a row whilst not taking things on board.. They rarely come around but when they do be cautious. You can't always be superwoman (or man!) We can only do our best. Once you've given and done all you can there is no more left. Have faith you tried and did all you could

by Samantha


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