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Intuition & The 10 Clairs of Clairvoyance

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What was this about?

Post by CynthiaShine on Sun Nov 04, 2018 2:10 pm

Greetings, Thank you for this thread.

I am learning to let go and surrender to situations. I am also working to identify and heal limiting beliefs. I believe all of this is helping in my spiritual journey. However, something happened several years ago and I was hoping you can tell me what exactly it was.

I was at work. It was very busy. I had a lot of balls in the air. I received an email from someone regarding an issue with a trip they were taking. They needed my help. I had to prioritize a few other things as more immediate concerns. So, I took care of those issues deciding to revisit the person's email, take action on it, and reply to the person who sent it to me. However, when I went back to respond to the email, I couldn't find it. I searched everywhere in my email inbox and subfolders and it was nowhere to be found. I checked my deleted folder to see if I had accidentally deleted it. I couldn't find it anywhere. As I couldn't afford to invest more time searching for it, I just called the person. I thanked him for the email, and let him know that I would have replied via email, however; for some reason I couldn't find his email, but I wanted to get back to him and let know I was working on his issue. The person then told me that he never sent me an email; however, he explained that he did need my help. He then repeated the concern that I thought I saw in the email message.

This is the only incident like this that I can recall having. In general, in terms of the Clairs that I believe I have, I feel I can sense when someone is upset in general or when someone is thinking about me. I can often sense when someone is upset with me, I can also sense when I need to reach  out to someone, For instance, I might just be going along my day and start to feel, all of a sudden, very uneasy and I will all of a sudden get a feeling that a particular person is experiencing some type of sadness, frustration or difficulty.

Any thoughts on this? Thanks again for this thread!
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