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Before we judge those with another faith

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Before we judge those with another faith Empty Before we judge those with another faith

Post by Cloud on Sun Sep 30, 2018 6:18 am

Religion is something we'll all debate until the day we all die... but I felt like sharing this...

I can personally understand why there are debates over things such as the bible, who is the creator, I mean it is conflicting and everyone is adamant that their god is the creator. But then there's a small amount of people who would laugh in someone else's face if they started talking about Jesus, Allah, Buddha

I don't wish to start a thread on religious debate but next time before we judge I think it's a good idea to reflect on a few things

... It's annoying when people try and force their religious beliefs on to us. That's true.. none of us can stand that recruitment business, as really even if we've been raised into a particular religion we still have our own thoughts and beliefs and we always will......

For some, (many/most) their religion is very meaningful to them. I mean, life is tough. Some have turned to a religion to find peace, to find justice, to find themselves maybe, to find a sense of hope, a reason to keep on going. Sometimes a person's faith is just that. It keeps them going. My grandmother was an example of this, she went through a lot. She was raised a Christian but whilst I never was a Christian I saw how happy and peaceful it made her, mostly when she was dying. She was not afraid.
She believed she was going to a heaven, it was her glimmer of hope she would be meeting with her husband who died in  a war and so on. As she grew old, going to the church was about the only thing that got her out of the nursing home. She met friends there, she did activities with them, she went to sing, she was happy and most of all she was peaceful. Whenever something went wrong she would turn to the vicar and he would talk to her and help her through whatever it was.

I think the point i'm getting at is we might  not agree but sometimes it's better to keep those thoughts to ourselves, unless someone is challenging you , confronting you, there's no point in trying to talk them out of it.

Some people I know, grieving parents, have turned to a religion for hope as well. Sometimes it's during the worst times of our lives we pray, isn't it? . Even some of us who don't believe in a God have at one point said an urgent prayer because we were scared. Now whether or not anything good came of it, we did pray. And I think as humans, some of us face so much in our lives, so many traumas/difficult situations whether that's for ourselves or loved ones and friends. They find positive things in the religion they believe in. Young or old no matter what, if someone is happy, the bottom line is we should let them be happy...

Not bashing them, not laughing at them, not trying to force our beliefs on them if they are leaving us in peace I think we should them.

I used to have Buddhist friends, we were very close and many a time I would go over and chant with them, I really enjoyed it, don't get me wrong, they did try drag me into Buddhism but I kindly explained it was not for me and that is that. On the same note, I think religion, spiritual beliefs and experiences are something we need to find ourselves so pressing them or trying to press them on to others is pointless. It's your path as an individual go with what you feel drawn to and let others go where they are drawn too

I love you

Before we judge those with another faith Jl2e89
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Before we judge those with another faith Empty Re: Before we judge those with another faith

Post by Mermaid on Mon Oct 01, 2018 1:54 am

....Wonderful post, Cloud ... heartbeat

Before we judge those with another faith 514njk
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