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Mediumship Class Notes #2

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Mediumship Class Notes #2

Post by Cloud on Thu Sep 27, 2018 11:32 pm

Please note, this content is property of Mystic Sisterhood and should not be reproduced without permission being given. Thank you!

Today we'll be covering the basics of Mediumship. It will serve as a helpful refresher class for any of you who may already be familiar with mediumship - no matter how advanced.
Today we'll be discussing what it is, how it works, how we can develop our abilities and open up to communicating with Spirit. It does not matter if you eventually intend to give readings or not, these series of classes will be brief but straight to the point and will help you in communicating
with your own loved ones, those of others, and even help you to learn key basics about developing psychic ability in general. Whether that
is clairvoyance, mediumship or whether you read via another form of divination, such as the Tarot, Pendulums or any other form of Scrying.

Background history of mediumship &
Mental Mediumship Versus Physical Mediumship
Mediumship was discovered by the Fox Sisters in New York

When mediumship first was discovered in western society by the Fox sisters in New York, the mediums of that time were very fond of physical demonstration from the other side.    
This meant levitation, table tapping, apports (physical objects channelled from spirit) were all the rage.  Unfortunately this led to a lot of charlatans attempting to demonstrate, thus creating a bad name for all spirit communications.  
Fortunately mediumship continued to be practised.  Today most spirit communication is what is called mental mediumship.  This means that evidence is in the form of information from spirit, not physical demonstration.    
As well, this means that you as a medium will perceive information from the Other Side through your mental faculties.  For example, if you hear something it will sound like a voice is whispering in your head.  
You will not hear the voice in the room external to yourself.  
Now this is not to say that some mediums do not see or hear spirit people as real as you or I.  However, this is less common than seeing a spirit in your mind’s eye.  

What is Mediumship? and what kinds of readings do Mediums do?.

In a nutshell, The term *Medium* refers to a person with an ability to produce phenomena of a mental or physical nature by "channeling" or communicating with spirits. The spirits mentioned are usually loved ones of their own, or those of others who have passed away.
Mediumship involves co-operative communication between a human and one or more discarnate, spirit personalities.
There are various ways a medium may do this - some practice mental mediumship (this is the kind you will be most familiar with, as demonstrated
by most famous psychic mediums. As with most other readings, the medium will open him or herself up to receive messages via the senses.
The sight, the hearing, touch, taste, feelings.

There are indeed other forms of Mediumship, Other forms of mediumship are Physical mediumship and Trance mediumship. We will not be covering these today but if these classes do ''take off'' we may include them in further classes in coming weeks. Let us know in the forum if you'd be interested in these topics (or any others).
Mediumship in general is nothing to do with using an ouija board, this is something that can be practiced by anybody. We generally do not advise it without someone experienced - today we will be focusing on You, yourself and your natural tools within.

So, Am I a Medium, can anybody become one?
It is my personal belief that we are all born with a  certain degree of psychic ability. It is in tune with us and entirely natural, just as we are born with instincts.  We are born, we cry. If you are a parent, or even if you own animals you will understand these natural instincts you have within.
You know what someone else needs. You know what your child, or pet needs - even before they could tell you what they wanted, you knew.
If you can't relate to this, you have likely had at least one experience in your life where you have known something was about to happen, followed by it actually manifesting. If you reflect quietly you will notice it probably happens more than you are aware. Psychic ability in general is something we are all capable of. I believe that, as souls who are residing in the physical, this psychic ability is our natural way. Before language, before any other form of communication, before we evolved into human beings, we relied solely on our intuition to communicate with one another.
Animals communicate intuitively. We communicate intuitively (at least, we ALL have the ability to do so) Smile but over time, we've simply forgotten we can do this. It is not taught to us as such, it is something we have to delve into ourselves. Unless you live in a spiritual community you may have only found out what this is by talking to a friend, or after a paranormal experience.
Mediums May experience the following, can you identify any?

Regardless of whether you have developed your mediumship ability or psychic ability in general, you may notice any one, or all, of these things have happened to you, or maybe happen to you on a regular basis.

X You may have seen shadows in the corner of your eye.
X You may have felt something touch you - common reported feelings are that someone has placed hands on your shoulders, someone patting your head, touching your hair, a feeling of cobwebs moving across your skin but nothing is there. A feeling that someone is giving you a hug, but nobody is there. A feeling that someone is standing beside you.
X A feeling of being watched or followed, but nobody is there.
X Objects moving around you. Some things may go missing, and come back. Pictures may fall over. Lights within the home may flash. Candles May flicker in response to your thoughts/prayers. Electronics may turn on/off by themselves.
X You may be able to smell familiar scents. Perfume that a grandmother wore, the smell of baking bread that your mother may have loved to make. The smell of tobacco that your father smoked, the smell of someone you remember.
X You may hear voices.

Hearing voices is commonly reported and can happen at any time. Some may be within your head, others may be outside. Many (if not all of us) have probably experienced hearing our name called but nobody was there. Have you had this happen?

Ok, this is how spirit will communicate Smile . It may be whilst you are awake, whilst you are asleep, whilst you are falling asleep. It's very common for these experiences to happen as you are falling to sleep, as you are more relaxed.
If you relate to any or all of the above, this is what you will experience more as you develop your mediumship abilities. However there is no need to worry because an experienced medium will have (and learn) to have control over how (and when) and for how long they open up to spirit, and then close off from spirit. Spirit WILL respect this, if you start off with the basics first you will cover everything you need to know; this is vital, so that everything runs smoothly.

Learning to give readings is not a quick process, we cant advance it in  a day or a week, it's more of a personal development, a journey of growth that you should enjoy, it involves practice and most of all , trust. Trust in yourself and what you are receiving . And trust that spirit will ALWAYS give you accurate information. A medium is like a translator. If there's an English speaker and a Spanish, the interpreter needs to understand both languages well. It is similar for a medium. You have to first learn

1) How you personally receive messages from spirit.
2) How you find it easiest to analyze these messages
3) What you are most comfortable with
4) Figure out your purpose for developing you mediumship, and go from there

How you receive messages.
So some of us will primarily HEAR spirit. Some of us may SEE spirit. Some of us may FEEL spirit, or all of those at once.
You can learn how you are likely to develop as a medium by analyzing how often you either (see, hear, or sense) spirit.
Not all mediums will hear spirit 'talk' to them. Not all mediums can see spirit. You do not need to be able to do all of the above to receive messages from them. In the coming weeks i'll be doing a class on 'how to read' but for now, don't stress if you can't yet do any of the above, we'll cover it.


The CLAIRS and Mental Mediumship. (Most common form of mediumship that we are covering today.)

So, Mental mediumship is communication from a spirit that takes place within the medium's consciousness, without the use of any of the five physical senses. Because mental mediumship often occurs through telepathy, it is sometimes called "telepathic mediumship." The medium then relates what he/she sees, hears, or feels to the recipient, (or sitter). The medium may use various states of trance to obtain this information.  Mental Mediumship comes in three main forms: Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, and Clairsentience. The Clairs are commonly associated with Clairvoyance, but they are *crucial* in Mediumship or any other form of reading.


Clairvoyance , which means "clear seeing".
Clairvoyance is the ability to see anything which is not physically present, such as objects, animals, or spirit people. This sight usually occurs "in the mind’s eye," and some mediums say that this is their normal vision state. Others say that they must train their minds with such practices as meditation in order to achieve this ability, and that assistance from spiritual helpers is often necessary. While some clairvoyant mediums say they can see a spirit as though the spirit had a physical body and were physically present, others say that spirits appears as a movie, television program, or photograph in their mind.

Excercise: We'll briefly show you what it is like to experience a clairvoyant vision.
Do you remember your school as a child? focus for a moment, close your eyes and take yourself back for a moment. Do you ''see'' the building. Do
you see a photographic memory?. Allow yourself to take in any smells, sights, anything you can hear. Then slowly return to the room.
This is how a clairvoyant will receive a vision. Was it in black and white, was it in colour? it doesn't matter. As long as you saw something, this
is your mind's eye, your mind's canvas. You can use this state whilst you are giving readings however it will be a blank canvas and will be useful
for the sitter you are reading for. Visions may appear, you may see people, places, or even objects in your mind's eye.

The term "clairvoyance, when used in a mediumistic sense, is often used to refer to seeing spirits and visions instilled by spirits or, more colloquially, to refer to fortune telling. This definition is different from the official definition used by parapsychologists, which defines clairvoyance as "paranormal acquisition of information concerning an object or contemporary physical event" that derives directly from an external physical source…, and not from the mind of another person." So this means that it is not really telepathy, as such. It's not a form of communication from one mind to another. It's a way for spirit to communicate with you- often showing memories of their lives whilst they were alive. Showing visions of something they want to tell their sitter, or even yourself.


Clairaudience means "clear hearing,"  it is referred to as the ability to hear spirit voices that are not audible to other people. In some cases, mediums hear the spirits' voices as though a person were sitting next to them. Others claim they hear spirit voices within their head/mind as more of a thought or a verbalization of a thought. In both cases, the voices are inaudible to others, even if they are seated in close proximity to the medium. The medium may also hear music or singing, in addition to spoken thought. Music is a VERY good way for spirit to communicate

Excercise: If you are wanting to communicate with a loved one who has passed on, ask them to send you a message in a song - turn on the radio
and see what comes on. You may be surprised to find one of their favourite songs comes on the radio, or perhaps a song comes that has a very
timely message for you.

Clairsentience, or "clear feeling" is said to be the most commonly experienced form of mental mediumship. Clairsentience is the ability to sense physical attributes of a spirit presence. The medium may feel the presence of a spirit through a touch, a smell, temperature change, or a slight breeze. Some mediums say that they will feel the ailments the spirit had while alive.
Here is an example. If a spirit male came to you and you sensed a pain in your chest, this may be a sign that the male had  chest problems whilst
he was alive.

Clearly feel
(clairsentience or empathic).  You might feel things such as fear, choking, tiredness, sadness and loss.  it's important to remain objective and in control.

Clearly know
(claircognizance). This means Information just pops into your head.  You just know it. The knowing consumes you

Clearly taste (clairgustance) or smell (clairalliance). This is Less common but some psychics do have these abilities available. It's possible for you to taste something , amazing isn't it?

Once, a spirit came to me, it was a person who had been in a coma. The family wanted to know if they had made the right decision to turn off life support and wanted to know if their son had heard them whilst unconscious. He told me ''yes i did hear mum and dad''. I asked him to tell me something only they could know. I then proceeded to feel needle sensations all over my arms, and sense that someone was holding my hand.
I translated this as blood tests (needle sensations) and someone holding my hand (the parents, when they held his). I asked the parents about the blood tests/ needles and holding of hand and they confirmed it.

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Re: Mediumship Class Notes #2

Post by Lilathena1977 on Mon Oct 01, 2018 7:30 am

Thanks for sharing.
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Post by astraldreamer on Tue Oct 02, 2018 5:47 pm

hi cloud I have a question in relation to the mediumship class.

I get many different random words, pictures in my mind every day as thoughts and as u know sometimes I can hear someone that sounds like the are talking to me inside my ear when I am watching tv.

sometimes I can just be around other people, or talking to someone and I get these images and words in my head.
this all happens no matter what I am doing and without meditating first.

Just this morning a old man got off the bus with a walking stick and I just knew he was going to fall over, I was watching him out the window to make sure he didn't, but just as the bus pulled away I seen him go down.

a woman helped him to his feet so I hope he was ok, and then just 5 minutes later I had a strong strong feeling that my eldest daughter was going to get on the bus at a certain stop, and the bus got to that stop and there she was.

what I would like to know is how to I tell where all the information is coming from.

between intuition, psychiness, mediumship, psychometry and the clairs and angels? x

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Re: Mediumship Class Notes #2

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