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Asking Spirit to Validate a Psychic Link - Things you can ask.

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Asking Spirit to Validate a Psychic Link - Things you can ask.

Post by Cloud on Thu Sep 27, 2018 11:26 pm

Things you can ask Spirit, to validate a link for your sitter.

Ask these questions
Make a note as to how you receive answers. Remember, You might see, hear or feel the answers. You may intuitively know

This will be your primary psychic sense.
This is how you should start off a reading/interpretation. Generally, the first thing we do is find out WHO the spirit is. Ask the following..
1.) Age – young or old when they passed
2 ) Gender – male or female.
3 ) Height – tall or short.
4 ) Weight – heavy or thin.
5 ) Hair color, skin color.
6 ) Health problems.

Don't worry about being completely spot on. A spirit may not come and tell you they were 8stones and 8 pounds ( lol ) but they may appear to you as a medium build- that is enough.

They may not come and comment on the greys they found on their heads, but you may see they were born blonde. Tell your sitter.

Health problem...
Don't worry about getting an exact cause of death. Get a sense for if they had any significant problems. For health problems you should pay attention to your body.
Once I was reading for a lady who was desperate to hear from her husband. She asked me ''Is he here then? I asked him to show you something''. With that, I had a stabbing sharp pain in my right side. It doubled me over. It hurt that much I grabbed my side in shock. She looked at me and nodded , and said ''that's right, my husband died of liver disease''. That was the first time I felt a spirit's physical illness, it can definitely happen. It will not always feel as bad as it was for them, even slight discomfort can be a sign. It will also never linger, so don't worry about that.

Document all you receive for the above questions to spirit, even if your answers are basic, share them.
If you genuinely feel nothing, be honest and say you can't sense anything to do with (cause of death). That is ok. As a beginner don't overload yourself, focus on two validations per reading.

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