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Our Admin and Moderator Team

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Our Admin and Moderator Team

Post by Cloud on Tue Aug 21, 2018 5:51 pm

Board Owner/Administrator : Dragon

You can contact Dragon regarding  anything to do with the site peace our mailbox for admin is or you can PM  Dragon via the forums, this message will go through to all admins here on site.

Dragon oversees everything happening here on mystic-sisterhood,  including editing the site, making sure all runs smoothly, guiding and helping volunteers and  new members and running the forums and chat-rooms. Dragon is extremely experienced in a whole host of areas regarding the spiritual and paranormal , dragon volunteers plenty of time helping out to keep the site running smoothly and keeping mystic-sisterhood a positive and welcoming, constructive place to be . freedom  Feel free to contact Dragon with your compliments, suggestions, or if you are needing help with anything to do with Mystic-sisterhood joyful

Global Moderators : Mermaid ~ YehaNoha ~ Cloud
Here to help in both chat and forums, if you need any help with how the site works or have problems logging in or registering, you can contact Dragon or either one of the Global Moderators via PM or in the Psychic Chat Rooms.
Our Global moderators  are also experienced in the Psychic and Paranormal & may also read and teach here on mystic-sisterhood. They work hard, moving posts, keeping track of new members and helping around the website

Forum Moderators & Chat Moderators

Mario2016, Viking, Astraldreamer, Purplemoon86, AndromedanStarseed,TetleyFairy

These are friendly  forum volunteers who help us daily to run the forums and chat. Keeping the atmosphere welcoming and guiding new members how to use the site
Greeting members, moving posts, and sharing advice on a host of spiritual and paranormal topics. If you need help in the chat rooms and admins are not here, feel free to ask any of them for help joyful


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