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Feeling pulled to countries and landmarks & a connection to passed ancestors

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Feeling pulled to countries and landmarks & a connection to passed ancestors

Post by Cloud on Mon Aug 20, 2018 8:54 am

How many of you have felt a connection to a country/place/landmark without any explanation

Putting aside any normal things that would draw you there.. like Egypt and the pyramids for example, there may be many reasons you want to go, but i'm talking about places you might even remember, a place you feel completely pulled to visit or research , maybe you see pics of the place and feel like you belong there. Maybe you feel you don't belong where you are now, in your current country?

Any of you have this?

I would love to hear

From my experience I've noticed that there can be a link between our attractions to places, hobbies, things like this, that are somehow connected to our ancestral lines.

I always wondered if it might have anything to do with our DNA. It's believed by some that DNA holds memories some of which can become conscious memories, whether we know it or not

The soul remembers everything, that's another common belief, whether or not we consciously remember, sometimes regression or hypnosis can bring memories to surface.

So, say you knew little about your great grandparents, but all your life you felt drawn to Tokyo. You fell in love with the place without ever going there and you just felt a connection to the culture, the music, the clothing even, the foods, everything about it. And you would maybe even have glimpses of the place , something just seems familiar. Then you later sit down with a family member and they tell you that your great grandparents moved or grew up in Tokyo.

How would one explain that?

My belief is we can carry memories we're not aware of.
What do you think?.

Have you experienced anything like this?


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Re: Feeling pulled to countries and landmarks & a connection to passed ancestors

Post by Renaud on Mon Aug 20, 2018 9:05 am

I want to visit Iceland and I have no reason....neither have I researched on it ....but it's a feeling 😅

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