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A Few Tips To Help You In Your Psychic Development

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A Few Tips To Help You In Your Psychic Development

Post by Cloud on Sun Jan 28, 2018 11:30 pm

Just getting my thoughts out here as I was thinking of a good topic to post on this board , given it hasn't got many yet

And I thought i'd share a few tips with those of you developing/practising readings or working on your psychic development. Other experienced readers may take something from these too.

Accuracy, Panicking , Expectations on yourself
It got me thinking, I feel as though giving readings and experience in reading can be compared to many other things in life..such as.. Say, Climbing up a ladder. You have always been confident on ladders but one time you fall and injure yourself. From then on, you don't feel as comfortable or you want to avoid it completely. Or you want someone else to hold it for you at the bottom ... or.. you only go up half way.

Readings are the same, I feel that we place so much focus on being right , that we can close off completely the second we get something wrong

Being wrong is part of our learning, there will always be times where a name is wrong, where a sitter wont be able to take something we are given. When that happens you can do two things...
1.. ask for more information from guides
2...move on. Either of those is fine, try not to focus on what your sitter is thinking of you. Place awareness on the info coming through and not on what you think of yourself or what your sitter thinks of your reading.. unnecessary worrying will only close you off. Take a moment to center if this happens

Caring how your sitter feels is important.. but worrying as you have 1 thing wrong is unnecessary.. don't panic. It'll close you down and you will lose your confidence. Be confident, but keep an open mind. We are all learning, no matter whether you've read for 2 weeks, 9 months , 8 yrs or 20...

Establishing links & assuming

Helpful tip with medium readings
Again  I understand that many can come at once. You open up and all of a sudden you feel a male, female, young one, older one, cat , dog and something else. And it can be difficult to know who is for who, who is coming with a message and who is just passing through. I understand from when I first began giving medium reads, it can be overwhelming. Now it gets trickier when you are in a room with others or reading for more than 1 person .. yet don't know who's relative is for who...
Here are a couple of tips & words of advice...

Assuming will always fail you.. always...

I can see why assuming might come in handy. It might be that small bridge to gap a piece of info to the sitter. A grandmother for example, would likely come for the younger ones to bring a message. That is a healthy assumption, but from there, any other assumptions will be misleading and potentially damaging
I say assuming, but, chances are your intuition knows either way. Try not to fill the gaps. Stop and ask.. what do I intuitively feel?.. rather than, what do I think?

On how much information you have:
You may have a tiny piece of information and that's it. Don't worry.. give it. What seems small to us may be something big for another.

Example.. you see a flower... but you worry that's not relevant ...
give it anyway, the flower might mean everything to your sitter
don't push it any further. Give what you are given, say it how you see it
how you feel it, how you hear it.. but never how you think it  Very Happy

Trust spirit and trust in yourself (bearing in mind it's helpful, constructive and wont cause any upset  or fear to the person you are reading

Don't put yourself down.. take it easy with yourself. Be patient with yourself... be patient with spirit, be patient with your sitters

(To be continued , will add more later)

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Re: A Few Tips To Help You In Your Psychic Development

Post by DeirdreMcCullough on Fri Mar 16, 2018 5:38 am

I love this!
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Re: A Few Tips To Help You In Your Psychic Development

Post by viking_32 on Wed Aug 01, 2018 5:37 pm

Thanks Cloud : ) This was very interesting and educational.
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Re: A Few Tips To Help You In Your Psychic Development

Post by mysticGuidance on Wed Aug 01, 2018 5:55 pm

This is very motivational cloud. Thank you
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Re: A Few Tips To Help You In Your Psychic Development

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