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Hey, I'm New. Nice to meet you all!!!

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Hey, I'm New. Nice to meet you all!!!

Post by ClairDeLune on Mon Aug 13, 2018 2:27 am


Hi Everyone, i'm ClairDeLune , nice to meet all of you :wink: excited

I was invited here on facebook butterfly from an Empath's group. How awesome is this place, I love it already kisses
If you ever want to ask me something go ahead. I'm able to help with Mediumship, Healing.

Bit of background.
I used to help volunteer on another site years ago to help find missing children and adults. I took a long break after that.
I couldn't handle it, it overwhelmed me a little as you can probably imagine.

I am  a medium and clairvoyant.
I read cards at times and have experience with pendulum dowsing. I also can communicate with animals and those who are unable to speak.
I was once a carer for a disabled child who was unable to talk & it was then I realised that I could communicate with him, he could with me. I still practice this today just not professionally anymore.

I've volunteered doing platform mediumship a couple of times for a local charity/causes , mainly being for the following charities close to my heart
Tommy's. The Samaritans, The intensive care foundation and finally Chestnut tree hospice which is a brilliant place helping children back home who have a terminal illness.

I suffer long term with health so I had to pack it in. Meanwhile, I love what I do so I hope in time I can help others out here

I am interested in a lot. Feng Shui is something I would like to look more in to. Give me a shout if you know much about that.
I would like to practice more remote viewing.

Aside from that I have plenty of hobbies, i'm a nature lover, I enjoy time outside, I love reading up on natural and herbal remedies, homeopathic medicin is something I would like to delve into later on.

I have had plenty of paranormal experiences and am a UFO witness ~ sure I will share more stories on all of that another time.

Well its good to meet you. Take care. I cant figure out the chatroom yet, i'm a bit slow with technology, but see u all soon kisses kisses


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Re: Hey, I'm New. Nice to meet you all!!!

Post by astraldreamer on Mon Aug 13, 2018 1:23 pm

hi and welcome clair Smile

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Re: Hey, I'm New. Nice to meet you all!!!

Post by Purplemoon86 on Mon Aug 13, 2018 1:49 pm

Welcome Smile
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Re: Hey, I'm New. Nice to meet you all!!!

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