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Awake dreams/clairvoyant visions diary

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Awake dreams/clairvoyant visions diary

Post by astraldreamer on Sat Aug 11, 2018 4:49 pm

so yesterday in the passenger seat of my friends car I closed m eyes as I was absolutely drained and tired and within seconds in my mind I could see myself sitting in the passenger seat, I felt like I was myself, not seeing myself in third person or anything. but I wasn't asleep.

in this vision I looked at the clock on the car dashboard and noticed the time said 14:14, so I quickly opened my eyes and looked at the clock for real and it said 15.15.

About 10 minutes later I closed my eyes again and immediately in my mind I seen myself sitting down in the passenger seat, not in third person.
this time I had lots of five pound notes on my lap.
the windows were open in the car and suddenly all of the five pound notes began to blow around inside of the car.

that's it lol, prett boring visions but hopefully if I keep logging I will get better at it, maybe learn to control what I see and maybe see some patterns etc Smile

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