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law of attraction and crystals

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law of attraction and crystals

Post by astraldreamer on Tue Aug 07, 2018 7:18 pm

so this morning  decided to walk to town along the canal to do some food shopping.

got there, put all me shoppin in the trolley then got to the til

lady scanned it and I put my card details in but it declined.

so we tried again, yet declined again.

so I stood there, cheeks red hot embarrassed as hell, apologised and ran out of the shop to go to my bank.

I received some money early on the 3rd as it was a bank holiday on the 6th but spent it all over the weekend as was expecting some more money today, after checking my bank to find not a penny in there, and checking my calendar on my phone I realised that it was next tues not today that I was due to get more money.

so now I start to freak out, we have no food, electric and gas is low, pets have no food, no bus fare to get back home and no money to get pain relief.

I started to cry and began the walk back home, only about 2 miles but theres a big hill.

got home in absolute agony and flopped on my bed in hysterics for about a hour wondering what the hell I was going to do.

After a while I pulled myself together and decided to ask the angels for some help. for just a little money to see through this week.

got some pen and paper and worked out that to make it, I was going to need to find around £130.

I was not feeling positive at all at this point.

a short while later my friend paid me £20 she owed me.

then my dad came up and gave me some much needed pain relief.

so I took this as a sign my angels had heard my plea.

now my dilemma was what the hell do I do with just £20?

my brain logically was telling me to get some electric and food with it but another part of me wanted to play a old slot game online I used to play , now ive deposited £20 before and not won jack, but I was desperate, so decided to take the risk.

I sat down with my citrine crystal and my fools gold and prayed to the angels again, and put on some subliminal law of attraction music on youtube as I deposited this £20.

I tried so so hard to be positive but the money was going down fast and I was panicking, and feeling stupid for not being responsible with it, tried to force myself to repeat in my mind that I am open and ready to receive prosperity and abundance.

now this slot game has a free spins feature that contains five ducks on the screen, they are upside down in water and each one has a special free spins game, u get to pick one of them, but you don't get to see  which feature you get until u have clicked on it. one of these features is called double feature and can pay out quite well.

the first thing I noticed is that the free spins feature popped up much more than it ever did when I played it in the past

the second thing was that I seemed to guess almost every time which duck the double feature was under, and two strange things happened.

once I closed my eyes and could picture all of the unrevealed ducks in my mind and then one would uncover to the double feature, so I would open my eyes and click that duck to find that it really was the right one.

and another time, with my eyes open I kind of felt my eyes moving in the direction by themselves towards a certain duck, so I clicked it and again was the double feature.

after each small win I thanked the universe, god and the angels oh and my crystals after each win.

in the end I was playing for 2 hours and won a total of £168, which is more than enough to see me through. Smile

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