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Warning from spirit guides - drink driver

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Warning from spirit guides - drink driver Empty Warning from spirit guides - drink driver

Post by Cloud on Tue Aug 07, 2018 5:50 am

Short story to share

A few years ago before I startd driving I was heading back home from work and waiting for a bus.
It was after 4pm so mothers and children were heading home still after school
The bus pulled up and I felt nauseous as it did so. I had a feeling of anxiety in my chest and as I watched people get on, waiting in line I knew something was off. I had a feeling of doom wash over me.
I got my ticket and went to sit down. This stop was busy so it was common for the bus to sit there for about ten minutes to fill up.
I waited and a mother and her boy sat in front of me.
I heard spirit say loud and clear to me ''you must get everyone off this bus immediately, there's going to be an accident''

I thought I was going mad but I sat there questioning what to do. I'm an introvert as it is, I hate approaching people I don't know and talking to them and I was just thinking to myself, how will I do this without looking and sounding like I need some help .. regardless, I couldn't help but blurt out to the mother in front of me

Hi, do you believe in mediumship? because i'm so sorry but I've just had the strongest premonition this bus is going to have an accident and I think it's best we get off. she didn't hesitate, she said ok and she got up with her son and stepped off, I followed

People still got on it but we waited for the next one. Later on about two hours afterwards, I came to hear that bus driver had been over the limit and had an accident at a roundabout just a few miles down the road. He'd been drink driving.

Now, nobody was killed or severely injured but I am glad I listened to spirit this day and ever since I never ignored that voice.

If you ever have this and even if you feel like you may be going nuts, don't. relax and listen, clarify if you need to, but listen

Not everyone will accept or listen, some may laugh at you~ but it's always going to be that way. You will help some, others may not be open. It's ok. Still listen


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Warning from spirit guides - drink driver Empty Re: Warning from spirit guides - drink driver

Post by astraldreamer on Tue Aug 07, 2018 10:39 am

aww that's a very clear message cloud, I would have got off as well, but I know the feeling when u don't want to appear as a crazy person.
I prob would have tried to tell a few people quietly then asked them to broadcast to evacuate.

my friend had a experience, said he was tired driving along the motorway, next thing he knew he woke up and was actually led halfway across the passenger seat, hand still on steering wheel , foot on pedal and still driving straight.

he checked the time and had been driving this way for about 15 minutes whilst asleep.

he said he cant remember dreaming or anything but said he was like in some empty white space suddenly and became aware that he was asleep.

a voice told him that he had to wake up and he immediately opened his eyes and sat up.

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