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Has your intuition ever saved you from danger?

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Has your intuition ever saved you from danger?

Post by Cloud on Sat Jul 28, 2018 6:20 am

Here's another good topic

Intuition keeping us safe. Have any of you got stories to share , big or small, of how listening to your intuition saved or helped you in any way?

I have quite a few, I will add them later on today


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Re: Has your intuition ever saved you from danger?

Post by astraldreamer on Sat Jul 28, 2018 11:14 am

i like to think that voice we hear that we call intuition is really a message from a passed on loved one, spiritual guide or guardian angel, ive had a few little things like this.

once I got saved from being run over and possibly killed,  I stopped to look up into the sky, before crossing a road, something just made me think to look up, if I hadn't had stopped I would have been taken out by a car that came speeding down the road and over the whole pavement.

another time I went to bed and tried to sleep, no matter how hard I tried I just couldn't, something kept telling me as a thought in my head to go back down stairs, I tried to ignore it but in the end I went back down to find I had left the living room window wide open. not dangerous as such but I do not live in the best of areas, after closing it I went back to bed as was able to sleep.

when I was about 17 I lived in a  bedsit hostel, I remember coming home from work one evening completely knackered, everyone was out, I was meant to be meeting them for a meal but I was just too tired.

so I put a pot of tinned curry on the cooker and went to just have a lie down but most of fallen asleep.

in my dream I could hear someone, a womans voice that sounded like it was outside of my dream calling my name.

I woke up briefly, squinted my eyes and the room looked kind of hazy, I thought it was just cus I was tired and went back to sleep.

but then I heard really really loud the voice call my name again but with urgency, this time I shot out of my sleep to find that the whole room was filled with smoke.

I remember then that I was cooking and ran to the cooker to find the curry black and crispy and stuck to the bottom of the pot.
god knows why the fire alarm hadn't gone off.

when my eldest daughter was a baby, probably around 18 months old I used to volunteer for a ex youth offenders group, I helped out with cooking with them, and some of the older teens and adults took it in turns to watch my daughter for me.

the living room where she was being looked after was just the next room for where I was in the kitchen.
I was busy cutting vegetables and I got a sudden thought in my head to check on my daughter.
I went into the living room and asked where she was, but the teens looking after her shrugged, they had no idea as they had got engrossed in playing the computer.

now this was a big 3 story house like buiding with lots of rooms and a big garden at the back but instinctively I knew that she had gone out of the front door so without a seconds thought I ran out the door to find my baby literally about 2 seconds away from stepping into a busy busy road with two way traffic.

once on a night out there was this cute guy, I got straight away that he wasn't good, made me instantly feel uneasy, so I tried to stay away from him, outwardly though he was very kind and everyone else I was with trusted him, so I tried to ignore how i felt and became friendly with him, he bought us drinks all night, I made sure I watched my drink like a hawk.

at the end of the night he bought me and my friend a drink, everyone else we were with had gone on to another club.

something told me not to drink this one, even though I had been taking drinks from him all night, I told my friend not to drink it too, and that we needed to leave right now.
I had a thought pop into my head that said you need to leave now and so we left, my friend thought I was crazy cus I couldn't explain why.

well it turnt out just after we left he had been caught trying to spike someones drink with date censored drug.

when I was 14 I went on holiday with my cousin and grandparents to Jamaica, my uncle had a little van and throughout the whole holiday I made sure I sat near the back near the doors so I could escape if I needed too lol,

you knw those tall helter skelter slides u see at fairgrounds? well in Jamaica they have big very very tall hills that look like these, except instead of slides there are roads coming down around it, but there are no fencing no barriers, nothing to stop a car falling off and crashing to the ground.

so this is the reason I decided to always sit near the doors at the back so I could jump out.

one day we went out, was a nice day, about 10 of us in the van, I argued with my cousin about sitting in the front.

that day I knew I shouldn't sit at the back, but I didn't know why, I even told my granddad I didn't think we should go out that day but I was told to be quiet.

my uncle sat where I normally sat and I remember looking back in my seat and our eyes met, I smiled at him.
he smiled back and said its ok.
I didn't know what he meant.

as we were out the weather changed and torrential rain started and thunder and lightning, lightning like I have never seen in the uk.

you could see it hiting the ground behind us, destroying houses and trees and we had to speed fast to stay ahead of the strikes,

also there were these balls of lighting that rolled fast along the ground behind us.

it was terrifying so many times we nearly lost control of the car.

the back of the van got struck by the lightning and sadly my uncle was killed.

later back at home, about a week after returning back home to the uk, so was about 3 weeks after the day my uncle had died I received a card.

it had a beautiful white rose on the front and the words inside simply said.

lovely to see your beautiful spirit, its as pure as this white rose.
keep growing and expanding, you have work to do, you have been chosen.
do not be sad I am gone.
I would do anything for you.

I took this as a message that he had purposely chosen to take that place in the back seat instead of me and that he knew he was going to die, and had accepted it, that's why he had smiled at me and said its ok just before he died.

what I don't understand though is how he sent the card? it was in his handwriting but still I checked with his family and none of them had sent the card, maybe he sent it before the day he died. how strnge.

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