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Kodoish Prayer / Mantra. Sacred Salutation. 5nvklj

Kodoish Prayer / Mantra. Sacred Salutation. 9tpt39

Kodoish Prayer / Mantra. Sacred Salutation.

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Kodoish Prayer / Mantra. Sacred Salutation. Empty Kodoish Prayer / Mantra. Sacred Salutation.

Post by Cloud_Away on Tue Jul 24, 2018 6:43 am



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KODOISH, KODOISH, KODOISH ADONAI 'TSEBAYOTH: "Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord God of Hosts." This is the Sacred Salutation, the Qedushsha, which is used by all the Hierarchy and the Sons and Daughters of Light to greet "The Father" before His Throne. It is also used for the theophany of the Hierarchy, as well as to discern angelic orders through its use as a Salutation, determining those who serve the Eternal Father and those who are His true Messengers. The expression as a three-fold formula sets in motion a trinitized seal and is the highest expression of teamwork in the heavens and upon the earth. It is employed by the Elohim through the Kadumah Kadmon to connect with other sounds for the Divination of new worlds, whereby, "Each utterance of the Sacred Expression leads to the seed form which represents the complex nature of the basic energies of the Life forces." - Keys of Enoch Key 305.

Through its power all creative forms are connected with the Divine Eternal Law in Holliness and Sanctification. This cosmic sound provides additional octaves of sound beyond the normal human range through which every subatomic particle is activated by its own unique color vibration. On the highest personal level, the Trinity power of the "Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish" can create a hyper-vortex, or pillar of Divine energy through which Super-space and Super-time can be crossed by this physical body, placing us in resonance with other levels of divine intelligence. This formula can also be used to invoke Divine Protection since this Holy Expression is a Link between all Hierarchies as a Salutation of the Brotherhood with a common Father. It creates a pillar of energy protection which can be used in all practical situations for problem-solving, healing and all manner of raising consciousness and wherever we need to project energy to do the Work of the Kingdom. As we use this Sacred Expression, three times for the Triple Powers to be activated, we sing and visualize the trinity (trikaya or three-fold vehicle) over our third eye. Now we are joined by a chorus from on High as Whole Light Beings make their appearance known to us. As we continue to use this Salutation, we are greeted by the Brotherhoods and Hosts of the Office of the Shekinah, the Christ, and the Divine Father.

O Divine Father, may we actualize through intention and extension our body vehicle, singing eternally before the Throne with the words: Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish Adonai 'Tsebayoth. May the Hierarchy sing with us on earth as it is in heaven. May the Holiness of our Brothers and Sisters in the higher worlds be with us in every heartbeat and every thought-form. And we pray that all of the letters in the language of Light be expressed in this holy prayer and song eternal. Source

Kodoish Prayer / Mantra. Sacred Salutation. Jl2e89

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