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floating inside my body

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floating inside my body

Post by astraldreamer on Wed Jun 20, 2018 8:13 pm

So yesterday I went to lie down for a bit to try to see if I could astral project.

Just a few minutes after lying down and closing my eyes I began to experience something I have either never experienced or never noticed before.

I began to feel like a sinking feeling behind my eyes and a floating sensation within my body.

After a few minutes my body began to feel like heavy on the outside but light on the inside and I noticed that I could see shadows passing by my closed eyelids, I kept them shut and then began to see some light at the corners of my eyes.

I discovered that if I imagined that I was turning my head or turning around in a circle, whilst my physical body stayed still, I could feel my astral body inside turning around as well.

felt like my inner eyes turned right around in my head, weirdest feeling ever, imagined myself jumping and I could feel myself jumping on the inside.

a few times my physical legs jerked like I was falling or something.

anyway before I could begin to relax more I got interrupted and so opened my eyes, felt a little dizzy and eyes were heavy .

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